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PSPS Pekanbaru Defeat Persisam Samarinda

PSPS Pekanbaru successfully reap the full amount after defeating Persisam Samarinda2-1 in advanced Indonesian Super League (ISL) in 2011/12 Singingi Kuantan Stadium, Tuesday (3 / 1). Victory over Persisam make PSPS separated from the bad in their last three games. This makes the achievement of three figures in the PSPS top the standings with Persisam and FC with a value of nine.
In the competition, who do not want to lose PSPSmukaseperti Deltras Sidoarjo defeated 1-0 working aggressively to implement the game Persisam pressing defense. But the effort was not easy, because Persisam memperlihatkanpertahanan solid. Lucky timAskyar efforts yielded a half-hour after the game running. Herman Dzumafo successful mainstay striker menjebolgawang controlled Persisam General Dhani.
Missed a goal, Persisam respond to equalize. Contracted Peluangdiperoleh Mochtar, but the kick was not met targets. The first half ended with the score 1-0. In the second half, which seeks to pursue ketertinggalannya Persisam display aggressive game. But the attack successfully built PSPS broken the back row. A number of opportunities for the visitors obtained through Jerry Boima Karpehdan Fandi Mochtarfailed to change scores.
Preoccupation attack, precisely Persisam kecolong PSPS through a counterattack in the 57th minute. April Hadi who perform puncture of the left sector of the defense gives cross Persisam mature, and greeted header M Isnaini substitute free-standing without escort. Jolted by the goal, trying meningkatkanintensitasPersisam attacks. But impressed in doubt, due to anticipation of a counterattack that developed the home team. Persisam can only minimize the catch five minutes before the gameended with a header thatfailed to anticipate Johan Yoga Fance Haryanto goalkeeper. Score 2-1 was close opening match ISL in 2012
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